Meet the Skippaz Crew

  • Sasa Jovanovic

    CEO & Co-Founder

    Skipper Sasa’s photo

    A dedicated husband and a father of two with a B.S. degree in information technology, he has been interested in software development since the era of Commodore computers. In the last 13 years, Sasa gained a huge experience in planning and building complex information-systems, user oriented software and numerous client-server applications, continually thriving in software development, internet marketing and general management. All of this practical knowledge empowered him to lead the company successfully with his partners and offer a lot to his clients. His passion is creativity in general and enjoys planning for interactive software that helps people and their businesses.

    Sasa meditates every morning and evening developing self-awareness and a clear mind which aids him greatly in leading the team with success and great joy. He likes to call himself a “Witness of Endless Creativity”.
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  • Robby Berthume

    CMO & Co-Founder

    Commodore Robby’s photo

    Robby brings over a decade of success as a creative technologist, driving business strategy (marketing, digital and creative), business development and account direction. Holding a B.S. in Business with a specialization in Marketing from Liberty University, Robby was the founder and CEO of Eclyptix, a decade-old digital agency based in Los Angeles and was named to Los Angeles Business Journal’s “Twenty in Their Twenties” in 2009. Following closing Eclyptix and moving to the East Coast to start a family, Robby took key digital leadership roles at three advertising agencies, gaining additional insights and experience in the process. Robby is proud to now partner with Jason and grow Bull & Beard, a digital brokerage and consultancy with a unique mindset in a cluttered industry.

    A dedicated husband, father of two and animal lover, Robby is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in everything he does with the help of talented, true-north people.
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  • Sinisa Sasic

    Web Designer & Co-Founder

    Navigator Sinisa’s photo

    Profoundly immersed in web design process, from creating compelling visuals, front-end development in compliance with web standards to delivering rich and meaningful user experiences. Being philologist by vocation and designer by profession he has been able to find the ideal balance between raw creativity to bring ideas up, technical knowledge to craft them into real digital products and a keen sense for meaningful content that permeates them.

    Besides making sure poorly dressed pixels and meaningless code don’t enter Skippaz, he spends his days devouring music and literature, being closer everyday in making a revolutionary musical band with his two enchanting children.
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  • Darko Ignjatovic

    Developer & Co-Founder

    Lieutenant Lt. Commander Darko’s photo

    Jedi apprentice in a neverending battle against the dark side of the code. Powered by beer and weird sense of humor. Officialy the slowest chess player of the Crew. A non-conformist and a total sports addict.

  • Jason Drass

    VP of Production

    Master At Arms Jason’ photo

    Jason produced video, television & film until webcasting came along to bridge the gap to the digital world and a career as a digital producer. He spent most of the last two decades successfully producing hundreds of projects including large corporate websites, campaign microsites, streaming media applications, rich media banners, e-mail campaigns, social/viral campaigns, streaming media, mobile apps and other digital projects to go with a portfolio of TV, video and film work. He cut his agency teeth at Mullen and Woodbine in Winston-Salem, where he implemented digital initiatives for a variety of high profile brands. Prior to that, Jason spent several years with Intel and WebMD before starting a multimedia event production company that specialized in video/film production and interactive design. As Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Bull & Beard, he brings comprehensive agency, brand and start-up experience into partnership with Robby to captain a consultancy and web development brokerage into open digital seas.

    With a family history in the homebuilding business and recent experience remodeling an old house for his family of five, Jason has found his home port in the Carolinas and rekindled a passion for building things.
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  • Milena Gajcanski

    Web Designer

    Cartographer Milena’s photo

    Architect, music lover and casual dancer truly passionate about art. She deeply appreciates the complete process of design, from user interface and front-end development to entire user experience, and enjoys making her clients’ visions come true. Her favorite painter being Gustav Klimt, she’s in love with spiritualism, devotion, collaboration and humanity. The most unbearable song for her is “Que Sera, Sera.”read more…

  • Dejan Stankovic


    Officer Cadet Dejan’s photo

    Aspiring front-end developer juggling daily between HTML, CSS and Javascript to create “flesh and bones” for his designers’ visions, dreaming of all web browsers and devices under universal standards. He enjoys late night running, fine movies and dirty road blues. Although scared of height he is high on love with a girl called Bilyana. His wishes to go on a trip to Africa someday, and if he does he will likely stay more…

  • Maja Jovanovic

    Office Manager

    Chief Steward Maja’s photo

    A proud mother of two and care taker of Skippaz’ health and workspace, saves the Crew from the brunt of paperwork making sure things go nice and smooth. Prepares delicious meals and drinks sharing her joy to everyday life with every step she takes. Adores Yoga, nature and especially flowers.

  • Radomir Brkovic


    Officer Cadet Radomir’s photo

    Fully equipped with contagious enthusiasm for learning and implementing new technologies, he’s got himself a rock-solid experience in producing e-commerce web applications. The youngest and one of the finest back-end developers from the Crew, he spreads his love for the web with a ton of movies and more…

  • Aleksandar “Ozzy” Nedeljkovic


    Officer Cadet Ozzy’s photo

    Insanely passionate about music, loves technology, mildly interested in losing weight. Mmm, ice cream… Appreciates freethinking and quirky humour, enjoys movies, cycling, spending quality time with his family and building DIY stuff that will fail miserably. Legend has it he’s immune to beer. Recommended by 3 out of 5 people that recommend things. Please turn off your TV set, thank more…

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Bull & Beard    

Bull & Beard is a digital consultancy and brokerage based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina serving agencies, brands and start-ups with strategic consulting, web design and development and internet marketing.

They provide their strategic solutions through a close-knit network of partnerships and relationships across the digital and marketing spectrum. Bull & Beard is owned and operated by partners Robby Berthume and Jason Drass, both of whom are long-time creative technologists with backgrounds in strategy, production, web design & development and internet marketing.

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